Thursday, June 7, 2012

How To Photograph Moretti's Color Shifting Dark Lavender

This has been my experience photographing the gorgeous color shifting color known as Moretti Dark Lavender T-081.

I've been playing around with a color shifting glass lately called Dark Lavender.  I also made some Pale Lavender.  Then there is another one called Lavendar Blue Pink - Rose which I should have made but got carried away and forgot.

I made some dark lavender and pale lavender handmade lampwork glass beads along with getting carried away and making a slew of other colors with a similar pattern.  I was in the process of taking photos indoors under my daylight bulbs.  I must say that I was a little frustrated because I couldn't get the color to show the shift while taking numerous photos.  When I was finished photographing them and turned the lights off.  Wow! There it was! The shift!  The natural light coming in through the sliding door hit the beads and there it was the beautiful pinkish violet blue.  Indoor lighting was keeping the colors a more lavender pale blue which is beautiful in itself also.  But the natural light enhanced this magnificent change.


You can see the beautiful pale lavender blue color in the photo on the left.  It was taken indoors using daylight bulbs in my studio.  The photo on the right shows the same beads taken outdoors in the shade under my cypress tree.  The photo below shows a picture of the same beads also taken outside in natural light using the background of my cypress tree bark.  It shows how different beads can look using different background colors.


I really like this photo, a lot. In case you are wondering what color all the different beads are, I have them listed below.  I began on the left side and worked my way around counter clockwise.

Beads 1,2,3, 5, 6 and 7 dark lavender (big shift and very noticeable)
Bead 4 transparent pale blue
Beads 6 and 9 pale lavender (very small subtle shift due to the pale color)
Beads 10 and 15 clear
Bead 11 yellow green
Bead 12 pale emerald green
Bead 13 rose quartz
Bead 14 peachy pink (I think)
Bead 16 Raku under clear
Bead 17 Medium amber

 I had fun making all these different color beads, but now I have to take pictures of the smaller hole dark and light lavender beads which is similar to the large hole beads above.  I'll post more pictures as I have time to get them done.

I don't know if it has been other lampwork artists experience, but this is what I observed and thought some of you may enjoy reading about my experience with this unique transparent glass called Dark Lavender.