Friday, March 29, 2013

Earthy Etched Brown Lampwork Glass Beads

I've had time to finish etching and editing these gorgeous opaque brown lampwork glass beads.  Wow, they turned out great.  This group reflects the matte bead finish where my last post showed you how the glossy brown beads turned out.

These first two show the matte glass bead 444 with a solid colored lampwork spacer bead and a lampwork pair wrapped in .999 fine silver.  These are a richer medium brown tone in my world of color even though it is labeled light brown.  They have a slight rusty color the camera seems to love to pick up.  They are beautiful shade and go well with the dark red below.  The streaking on these beads do not show but we can see everything in bright magnification as they are in these close up macro images.

The next two bead pairs show opaque dark red brown 452  This is how they look etched lampwork glass bead and the dark red bown wrapped in fine silver.  These more resemble the color of dark semi sweet chocolate chips.



My next day of bead making will include the glass color called dark brown 448.   After I get them done and processed I will show a picture of all of them together so you can see how they look as a group.

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