Friday, May 1, 2015

My New Indiemade Store

I'm so excited to announce a new Covergirlbeads studio on Indiemade!  I have been working on it and thought I would share it with you.  Here is the link:

It has some neat features allowing you to have a choice - You can now have it your way!  Choices are always fun!  There are choices of shiny beads or etched beads, add fine silver to your bead, different bead sizes and bead hole size as well.

Most categories, especially the one showcasing a particular color of bead, have choices of small hole bead hole or large hole beads in the color of the listing.

Bead Sizes:
You can now have a choice in my standard 10-11mm beads with choices of 12-13mm and even 15mm beads.  Depending on the shape of bead, sizes will vary.  It is all listed in choices.

Bead Shapes:
You can now choose the shape of bead you would like all in one listing.  My standard shape is round also known as rondelle or donut.  I can offer round beads, crystal shaped beads and lentil shaped beads, again all on one listing.  I will be working on nuggets in the near future.

Bead Hole Size - Small Hole Beads:
Small hole beads - You now have a choice of my standard jewelry beads with a small 2mm hole used for earrings and necklaces as well as other projects. 

Bead Hole Size - Large Hole Beads:
You now have the choice of getting a large hole bead with a 5mm hole that easily slips onto popular European style bracelets and leather cords.  I personally slip every large hole bead onto my personal Pandora for fit.  The Pandora bracelet is 4.3mm thick so requires holes close to 5mm for a good fit.  You can choose a solid color bead with a 5mm hole in the color sections.

Large Hole Beads Other Than Solid Colored Beads:
This large hole bead category is large hole beads that are a little fancier and have more than just one color.  I have just begun listing a few. This category is for anything other than a solid color large hole bead.

All of my 600+ individual listings I have on Artfire will fit on my new Indiemade studio with half the listings and have many more offerings per listing.  Each listing is like at least 4 of my other website listings.  How neat is that!

Soon I will begin to add stylish crystal shaped beads, lentil beads, dot beads, band beads (beads with a band around them) and frit beads to go with my Southwestern beads as I continue to fill my store.

My imagination is beginning to run wild with all the possibilities!

Come check it out and keep in touch to watch my new Indiemade studio grow.

Until then, sit back and enjoy that cup of coffee and browse to your hearts content!

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