Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lampwork Bead Set Etched Dark Amethyst Glass Handmade With Fine Silver

Etched transparent dark amethyst purple handmade lampwork glass beads wrapped with .999 fine silver.

These gorgeous beads are made using transparent dark amethyst glass. This purple color reminds me of delicious mouth watering deep dark plums. You can see a hint of deep rich amethyst but it actually looks rather opaque as does the surface of the plum. They appear as an almost dark purple black. The purple color is a rather intriguing color to me. I added a splash of .999 fine silver wrapped around the middle of the beads creating a shine against these dark plum beads. They have been etched for a frosted sea glass or beach glass bead finish.

 These beautiful beads can be found in my Purple, Violet and Lavender section in my Covergirlbeads Artfire Store

Measures approximately 10-11mm x 7-8mm
Mandrel size 1/16
Hole size approximately 2mm


All glass lampworked beads are handmade by me, Covergirlbeads glass artisan, Charlotte Hayes. I am a Texas artist living in Alvin near the Gulf of Mexico. I am located near larger and popular Texas cities like Houston, Galveston and Sugar Land. I love incorporating my lampwork beads into jewelry designs using semi precious gemstones, pearls, crystals and other mixed media materials to create beautiful jewelry for you.

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