Sunday, December 30, 2018

Light Amethyst Purple Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads

Purple Glass Beads Transparent Light Amethyst Handmade Lampwork 040g

These gorgeous purple lampwork beads were handmade using transparent light amethyst glass. It is the second of the amethyst group of glass nestled between pale and medium. These delicate handmade lampwork beads have a shiny glass bead finish.

All lampwork glass beads are handmade by me, Covergirlbeads glass artisan, Charlotte Hayes. My handmade beads are made one at a time in my studio along the Texas gulf coast. I'm also a handmade jewelry artisan and handcraft my jewelry designs one at a time.

Measures approximately 10-11mm x 7-8mm
Mandrel size 1/16
Hole size approximately 2mm

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